At Intueri we want you to go one step ahead

We are retail experts. We know that the market and customer preferences change at an ever-accelerating pace.

The creation, design of services and proposals for action to provide solutions to the needs of companies and territories,

they were the added value of my time at the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce; as well as knowledge and relationship with the institutional relationships. Emphasize of this professional experience was the direction of the Competitiveness service which grouped: the commerce services, tourism, innovation, entrepreneurship, as well as the business formation service, and the creation of the European projects office.

Interested in expanding new horizons, innovation has always accompanied a good part of the projects developed:

1. Investigate and monitor how retail evolves, to provide the appropriate response to the needs of companies.

2. Take advantage of the synergies created between commerce and tourism, to generate new business opportunities.

3. Deepen into the uniqueness and differentiation of each territory, to take advantage of this value proposition.

All of this has been realized since 2015 with the main projects developed by Intueri Consulting: accompaniment to companies, the design and management of territorial, commercial and tourism development strategies, and advice to entities and governments.

Maria Segarra

Director of Intueri Consulting

Our experience

Strategic advice

Member of the Trade Advisory Council of the Generalitat de Catalunya (professional expert of recognized prestige).

Expert member of the Municipal Council of Tourism and City of Barcelona City Council.

Coordination and technical secretariat in the implementation of projects.

Innovation In Retail

Retail Training Tour Experience. For groups of entrepreneurs, Chambers of Commerce, Universities and Business Schools. 5 destinations and more than 1000 entrepreneurs (2015 - Present).

Strategic Planning

Strategic plans for commerce.

Strategic tourism plans.

Local development master plans.

Business Consulting

Business diagnosis (program design and implementation).

Andorra Commerce Quality Label (design and implementation).

Commercial Dynamization

First BID-APEU (Urban Economic Promotion Area) pilot project in the Born district of Barcelona. 2017

Member expert group (Ministry of Economy 2010-2011) for the definition of a new management model for commercial areas (BID).

Definition, management and implementation of the first commercial dynamization plans in Catalonia.


Professor of the Master's Degree in International Retail Management. Pompeu Fabra University (ESCI).

Speaker and trainer (commercial dynamization, commercial areas management, shopping tourism experience, new business concepts, retail trends, omnichannel relationship with the customer).

Shopping Tourism

Strategic Plan for Shopping Tourism. Government of Andorra.

Implementation and coordination of the Andorran Council for the Competitiveness of Commerce.

Shopping tourism strategy (Barcelona Provincial Council and Barcelona Tourism).

Singular Projects

Creation and management of MODA project: web portal www.barcelonaesmoda.com and "Barcelonaésmoda" awards (5 editions).

Launch in the province of Barcelona of SICTED (Integral System of Tourist Quality in Destinations).

Creation of a specific project for areas of commercial excellence: Magnific Place