Strategic/operational plan for shopping tourism in Andorra

Diagnosis and support in the definition and implementation of the strategic plan and subsequent advice on an operational plan.

In 2015, and by order of the Ministry of Tourism of the Government of Andorra, the strategic plan was carried out, and subsequently, from 2017 to 2019, it was implemented through the Andorran Council for the Competitiveness of Commerce (CACC). From 2021 to the present, we advise on the implementation of an operational plan.

The strategic shopping tourism plan includes a comprehensive diagnosis of the country’s retail, including more than 100 interviews, 85 mystery shopping visits, and fieldwork of all its commercial offer.

The implementation of the plan involved a total of 111 proposed actions based on the coordination of the Andorran Council for the Competitiveness of Commerce (CACC), with a total of 110 participants.

The value of this project lies in the knowledge of retail in the country (offer, projects and actors), the ability to interact and coordinate the different public and private agents, and an orientation to results from its implementation (high percentage of implemented actions).

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